The Executioner

Instead of trying to coming up with something fancy to say …….let’s allow John’s words inspire you to kick off this old school MD program

I named this program the executioner, as you will either get better or it’ll kill you and you’ll want to find a
new hobby.

A while ago I began my off-season training at the Mr. Olympia weekend in Las Vegas. It was the start of something special for me. My intense desire to push my body returned tenfold since my last competition. To make matters better (or worse – lol) I have recently had the immense pleasure of working closely with Tom Platz, who I idolized as a young bodybuilder. Tom has shared some techniques with me that I am going to be using in this program.

It’s very intense, absolutely brutal, so we don’t do these techniques all the time, but they will take your training to a new level, and I am confident you are going to be amazed with YOURSELF and what you can do! These techniques start at week 2 and I call them out so you know where these techniques came from!

This program also contains some occlusion training, which can have the following effects.

1. Pumps are more intense, and most people report the part they trained is still “pumped” to a degree
the next day.

2. There seems to be some increases in vascularity. This is the last thing I need, but I have noticed more small little veins and or capillaries popping up as well. I have no idea why this is, maybe the occlusion is forcing the body to develop capillaries as a protective response? Not sure.

3. People are using this on a weak/underdeveloped limb in some cases and reporting excellent results. In other words someone may have an arm one inch smaller than the other so they only occlude the lagging side, and it seems to be catching up.

This is a 4-7 day week program. If you have mastered the art of peri-workout nutrition it can be up to 7 sessions due to your recovery. You will notice the optional sessions on here. The extra volume is done in a way to not hurt you or tear up your joints. Remember that every time you train hard, you create an anabolic opportunity for the muscle provided you feed it correctly. The lighter days will not change fyi.

You will get new routines for all the heavy days each week as usual. If you are limited to a 5-day split, select the body part that is weakest to do twice. If you are limited to 6 days, select the top 2 weaknesses you have. If your arms are your weakest, you can repeat the workout twice.

Arm workouts are done to be more pump inducing in nature, and not so heavy. Multiple heavy arm workouts will likely result in beat up tendons and ligaments based on what I have seen over the years.

Here is one way to set it up:
» Sat – Legs (heavy)
» Sunday – Chest/Shoulders (heavy)
» Monday – Back (heavy)
» Tuesday – Legs (optional)
» Wednesday – Chest/Shoulders (optional)
» Thursday – Arms
» Friday – Back (optional)

Let’s get to work!

Since this is a Digital Product, ALL SALES ARE FINAL.
If, for some reason, you do not receive it, e-mail [email protected] and we will resolve the issue.

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