Get Lean Package

Package is geared toward somebody who wants to improve body composition, but not necessarily enter a physique contest. This could be a novice, or someone who is simply stuck and needs to break through a plateau.

  • Initial assessment
  • Customized nutrition, cardio, and supplement program designed to help you lose bodyfat and gain muscle based on your goals and aspirations
  • Unlimited email support (allow 24-48 hours for responses)
  • Weekly progress assessments. Changes made based on results seen week to week.

We have a strict no refund policy for all of our Coaching Packages.

At Mountain Dog Diet, we put a lot of time and effort into designing, customizing, and personalizing our Online Coaching and Nutrition Programs to help our clients achieve maximum results. We can not provide refunds because we initially develop a comprehensive, customized program for our clients which can then be altered as needed.

If, for some reason, you do not receive an e-mail confirmation or link to the questionnaire, e-mail [email protected] and we will resolve the issue.