The Grandmaster

Are you ready for the Grandmaster?

The Grandmaster was a Marvel character that you have seen if you watched Thor battle the Hulk in Thor Ragnarok. He was the character who oversaw the planet and the games. In the comics, he was very old, like me, and was an “elder” in the Universe like me in the bodybuilding universe kinda sorta. He had almost God-Like ability to regenerate from injury, and he didn’t age. I’m still working on that.

His gig was pitting teams against each other and seeing how the battles played out and who survived. Well I want to see who survives this program as it’s going to get really hard as you go. If you don’t think you can make it, let me know because the Grandmaster also had the ability to bring people back to life. I’ll make sure I do that for you and you survive!

Are you all ready to get back to work on something crazy! Let’s do it! This is for those of you who like to push hard and go all out! The feedback I got on the last program, the High Evolutionary was tremendous, maybe the best I have ever received for a program. I have never seen so many people ask if they can run the program through a 2nd time as they made so much progress from it. This might mean we are right on target with our rest, and intensity. The balance seems to be really good. I want to continue with a high intensity model giving us 5 work days and 2 days off. I feel that this works very well for the majority of us.

Let’s get into the specifics of the program.

This is the exact same as The High Evolutionary (the last program). It’s not a push, pull, legs split, it’s more traditional with a separate arm day. I would consider it moderate frequency. With the intensity I am advocating in this program (we are ramping it up even more from the last program). You are going to get deep into the high intensity techniques on this one!

The weeks are written as 5 days of training. I want 2 days for recovery every week. I built these to take Wednesday and Sunday off, with the thought process of spreading out rest days, but you could take any 2 days off if your schedule dictates it. Tuesday and Sunday, Thursday and Sunday, even Saturday and Sunday, so don’t feel handcuffed to these 2 days.

WEEKS 1 & 4

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Legs Chest OFF Back Arms Legs OFF

WEEKS 2 & 5

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Chest Back OFF Arms Legs Chest OFF

WEEKS 3 & 6

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Back Arms OFF Legs Chest Back OFF

Arm Customization

If you want to focus as much on arms as other body parts you can work this split in anywhere you like. Saturday’s arm workout would repeat Monday.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Arms Legs OFF Chest Back Arms OFF

Overload Method

The overload method will be:

  1. Mechanical Tension – The 2nd exercise used in the rotation is generally non-rotating so is a great judge of where you are in terms of strength. Trying to improve the weight you can use to achieve your target number reps I lay out is an easy way to judge this.
  2. Cell Swelling/Pump – Secondly, we progress getting deeper into sets, working through pain thresholds as weeks go by. This is very heavy in your 3rd and/or 4th exercises as you’ll see. This type of intensity is a method of overload itself, although people rarely do this (they are scared).
  3. Volume – Volume is nothing without intensity, but we do creep it up methodically toward the end once we have reached max intensity. This will allow for additional work without going overboard and making recovery impossible.

That is the high level view – now let’s get to work!
John Meadows

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