Team Universe 2015

Are you all ready to dive into the FIRE with me?

I have been thinking about this special ever since the day after Nationals last year.

I want you to join me, train with me, do what I am doing, and let’s go win this Team Universe title together. I know for some that might sound silly. It doesn’t to me though.

This puts great pressure on me to work hard (remember you are doing what I am), and to really ensure I do the best I can to place as high as I can. Hopefully I will win, and you can say you know what it’s like to train and win a pro qualifier, because guess what, you are DOING IT! This creates great programming that also will give you outstanding results.

Here is how it will work. I get back from Australia on my birthday (April 11th). This puts me at 12 weeks out. That week I will document what I do, and every week thereafter, and you will have access to all of it in a special section of my website. Now I know everyone of you doesn’t have the same equipment, but you will very clearly see what I am trying to do. This will continue up until the show!

That’s it! Man I am so pumped for this.

I will of course have videos, pics, and such so you can see what is going on!

Let’s train like DOGS!

Since this is a Digital Product, ALL SALES ARE FINAL.
If, for some reason, you do not receive it, e-mail [email protected] and we will resolve the issue.

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