Cris Edmonds

John Meadows nicknamed me “Cris the Insane” over 11 years ago when we started working together. Over 30 programs later and we are still cranking. My understandings of his philosophies from exercise selection or order, rep ranges, volume, intensity and days of training per week were ingrained in the 1,800+ workouts I have done under his watchful eye.

My passion for bodybuilding and sports performance began in the later years of high school. After graduating with my undergraduate degree from Roanoke College, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with clients 1-on-1 in a corporate gym setting for the last 8 years as a NSCA Certified Personal Trainer. In that time, I have worked with collegiate and professional level athletes, competitors in the physique realm (bodybuilders, physique, figure, and bikini), powerlifters, and anyone trying to make changes to their body composition. I believe in hardwork, consistency and enhancing mental toughness……from there we can make any changes you want.

I feel extremely blessed to be a part of the Mountain Dog Team and am excited to begin working with my new clients via the website. As I continue to grow as a competitive bodybuilder, I’m excited to be on the path to greatness with you.