Zach Trowbridge

I’ve been into training for bodybuilding since I was 14 years old, when I got crushed under an empty barbell trying to bench press in my freshman year of high school.  After heading to the bookstore that same weekend and buying a copy of Arnold Schwarzennegger’s Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding and every muscle magazine I could find, I fell in love with bodybuilding and its training methods.
I’ve been a personal trainer since 2003, and have co-owned All Strength Training in Chicago, IL along with my wife since 2010, where I’ve had the opportunity to work with hundreds of clients on physique goals of all kinds, from brand new gym goer to stage competitor.  While the gym’s name might make it sound like a powerlifting-oriented type of place, our specialty has always been creating aesthetic results with training that has a heavy influence from bodybuilding-style programming and nutrition coaching that shys away from extreme dogma.
I started competing in 2014, starting with the NPC Men’s Physique division.  In 2016, I started working with Cris Edmonds and John Meadows, when I won my pro card in the WBFF Fitness Model division.  In 2019, I moved to the Classic Physique division where I’ve been competing since.

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