Honey Badger

Throwback to an all-time favorite of mine……..HONEY BADGER, Program 14!!

This program was built right after the 2013 Master’s Nationals. And John designed this to once again challenge his physical limits therefore YOURS, and to also add in some twists to the basic structure of the typical MD set up.

One of the differences you will see with this program is the inclusion of occlusion/blood flow restriction training. John has tinkered with this training technique for years, and scientific data continues to mount as its effectiveness.

The Training Split can be set up like this, but is open to modification:

Monday – Legs (heavy)

Tuesday – Chest/Shoulders (heavy)

Wednesday – Back (heavy)

Thursday – Legs (optional)

Friday – Chest/Shoulders (optional)

Saturday – Arms

Sunday – Back (optional)

This program will ramp up in volume as you go along, and your body adapts to this training style! So have plenty of Granite Recovery on hand, get your mind right and let’s attack this program as if John is right there in the trenches with us!

Let’s get to work!

Since this is a Digital Product, ALL SALES ARE FINAL.
If, for some reason, you do not receive it, e-mail [email protected] and we will resolve the issue.

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