12 Weeks of Pain and Suffering

Welcome to Mountain Dog training! This is Program 1, the very first 12-week program John ever did and documented! You will learn all the core exercises that his newer programs were formed around.

Just because this is the 1st program that John did, does not mean this one is the easiest! All of these programs are brutal, so buckle up and LET’S GO.

This is a 4 day a week program. Below is a sample split showing you how to set it up.
Day 1 – Legs
Day 2 – Chest/Shoulders
Day 3 – Off
Day 4 – Back
Day 5 – Off
Day 6 – Arms
Day 7 – Off

*We are going to ramp up volume over the first 3 weeks and do a lighter week at the end of the 12 weeks.

*Calves and ab workout can be done up to 4 days a week! Use your level of soreness as an indicator that
the muscle is ready to be trained again.

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