Mountain Dog 2.0: The Taskmaster

Good day everyone!

For those of you who are new to my hypertrophy programs, you are in for a treat! These are high frequency programs, meaning some bodyparts get hit 3 times a week. Not ALL bodyparts get this at once though. In my opinion that is overkill and you simply can’t recover from that much work if you are training intensely.

Here is how I have it broken up:

Week 1-4 – Back high frequency
Week 5-8 – Chest and Shoulders high frequency
Week 9-12 – Legs high frequency
Week 13-16 – Arms high frequency

I always get asked if these programs are for bulking or cutting, but the truth is the difference is merely how you EAT in relation to bulking or cutting. There are no special cutting exercises etc. You can use this program for either goal! Just plan food and supplements accordingly

For those of you who have been doing my programs, this one is 16 weeks! I have added an arm block to this one. Many many people wanted it, so I built it the smartest way I know how, and tested it.

Now if you have done my programs in the past you are probably wondering what in the world, an arm block? Yes, I have added an arm block. Notice how I put it away from the Back and Chest blocks as those blocks create a lot of arm stress as well. I put it after a leg block to best avoid developing tendonitis.

I also put a block in between the leg and back blocks to ensure your lower back doesn’t get fried.

This is intelligent sequencing that 99% of programs miss.

That about sums it up. Are you ready to get better?

If so, let’s crank hard!
John Meadows


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