Mountain Dog 2.0: Onslaught

The feedback I have been getting on these high frequency programs has been unbelievable so I decided to create a new one similar to the first two. You all are about to kill me though. At 45 years old it’s tough for me to do these!

I always get asked if these programs are for bulking or cutting, but the truth is the difference is merely how you EAT in relation to bulking or cutting. There are no special cutting exercises etc. You can use this program for either goal! Just plan food and supplements accordingly.

In this program I wanted to actually make some of the workouts a little shorter, but still brutal. You’ll notice there are days where you are in and out in 45 minutes, but trust me when I say you will be hurting. Some of the workouts from the Gauntlet and Sentinel were really long, so this is a nice change of pace. After doing this one, you can go back to something like the Gauntlet or Sentinel and get excellent results.

The split remains the same and I continue to rotate through bodyparts on the high frequency plan to prevent overtraining.

Here is how it will look:

  • Week 1-4 – Legs high frequency
  • Week 5-8 – Back high frequency
  • Week 9-12 – Chest and Shoulders high frequency

That’s it my friends! So, if you want to slaughter a few muscle fibers, let’s get started!

John Meadows


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