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Hello again everyone! Are you ready for something a little different?

Many of you have asked me what I think about lower volume training, and the truth is, I like low or high-volume training, provided the right amount of intensity and frequency is used. Having said that, I am proud to deliver to you a “low” volume program that I have recently completed myself! This one is going to be a whole new level of brutal.

Program Duration and Split
Like our last program, Creeping Death II, this is also an old school push, pull, leg program.

The weeks are written as 6 days of training. That is however NOT what I expect most to do. I want most of you to drop one of the pump days. This would make it a 5 day a week program. You can drop your biggest strong point to focus on weak points, or heck, drop something you just hate to train if you just get more joy out of other bodyparts! You could flip flop the pump days too and make the first 3 days pump days and the last 3 days base days. If you consider yourself an animal, feel free to use the 6 day splits!

Speaking of splits, also included are a variety of split options so you can customize this for your own needs.

Overload Method
We are not increasing training volume (total volume of sets) as we go through the program on this one, as we have in the past on the 12-week programs. The real overload method here is twofold:

First: trying to improve the weight you can use, and/or the amount of reps you can get with a certain weight.

Second: we progress deeper into sets, working through pain thresholds as weeks go by. This type of intensity is a method of overload itself, although people rarely do this (they are scared).

Recovery Nutrition
With this focus on intensity, comes the need for hyper focus on recovery to get maximum results. You will see how to set up your periworkout nutrition and basic calories overall to get you started.

Recovery Lifestyle
With this focus on intensity, you need to make it your mission in life to reduce stress outside of the gym, and to get a full night’s sleep every single night. This will greatly enhance recovery as well. I will address some of the key points of sleep and how to improve it.

Rest Breaks and Proper Intensity
Rest breaks and proper intensity on each set are also laid out very clearly taking out the guesswork for you!

Those are some of the highlights, now let’s get to work!

Keep Cranking!

John Meadows

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