Arnold Classic Program 2016

This program was written during my 2016 Arnold Classic prep. You could use this for off-season mass gain as well, just ensure calories are high and you are in a caloric surplus. I typically wave my high intensity techniques as you know, but for this contest, I am just going with a more instinctual approach on what techniques to use.

In this program you will be able to follow the exact 12 weeks I did leading up to the Arnold.
This program has:

  • Crazy but intelligent use of high intensity – some of these things are going to push your limits
  • High Volume and high frequency but also periods where intensity ramps down to ensure you are not in an overtrained state
  • A major emphasis on back, chest, and ab work, the keys in how I changed my shape for the better
  • Interchangeable days – ie, if you want to add an extra leg workout or arm workout there’s room to do that. This is customizable to YOUR body.
  • Some killer new exercises I have never used before in any other program

Crank Hard!
John Meadows

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