High Evolutionary

The High Evolutionary was a Marvel character that sought to advance genetics and create a super race. He developed a serum called Isotope A, an Evolution bomb, a Genesis Chamber, and all kinds of other wacky stuff to do this. Well, I am the High Evolutionary of training 😊. I want to see you all become High Evolutionarys yourselves, so let’s get to work! Oh, and guess who bestowed the Soul Gem to Adam Warlock for all you Marvel fans? Yep, this guy.

I am excited to deliver another 6 week all out high intensity program for you all! I have been working hard since our last programs Odin Force and Colossus and am including some of the newer things I am doing and having success with in this one. One thing that I believe more then ever, is the importance of our one set where we go all out on each exercise. The ability to execute these sets, and program them in a way that encourages longevity is the backbone of this program.

Let’s get into the specifics of the program.

Program Duration and Split
This program is not a push, pull, legs split, it’s more traditional with a separate arm day. Generally, you will hit each bodypart 3 times every 2 weeks. I would consider it moderate frequency. With the intensity I am advocating in this program, I believe it is best to have a separate arm day and slightly more recovery time. You may want to go right home after these back workouts for example, forget training biceps! It’s also nice to have a day to train smaller body parts to allow the larger parts more recovery time. As always, there is a method behind every single thing I do.

The weeks are written as 5 days of training. I want 2 days for recovery every week. I built these to take Wednesday and Sunday off, with the thought process of spreading out rest days, but you could take any 2 days off if your schedule dictates it. Tuesday and Sunday, Thursday and Sunday, even Saturday and Sunday, so don’t feel handcuffed to these 2 days.

Weeks 1 and 4

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Legs Chest OFF Back Arms Legs OFF

Weeks 2 and 5

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Chest Back OFF Arms Legs Chest OFF

Weeks 3 and 6

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Back Arms OFF Legs Chest Back OFF

Arm Customization
If you want to focus as much on arms as other bodyparts you can work this split in anywhere you like.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Arms Legs OFF Chest Back Arms OFF

There will be no deloads during this program given that it is a shorter duration program. Suck it up and push as hard as you can for the 6 weeks, then you can back off if need be.

Overload Method
We are not increasing training volume (sets and reps) as we go on this as we have in the past on the 12-week programs. The real overload method here is twofold:

1) The 2nd exercise used in the rotation is generally non-rotating so is a great judge of where you are in terms of strength. Trying to improve the weight you can use to achieve your target number reps I lay out is an easy way to judge this. It is important to note that the first exercise may create some fatigue, but it should not have a significant effect on the 2nd exercise. Also, realize that with the lower number of sets in this program, it is CRUCIAL that you take my RPE directions as written. If I say go to RPE 10, your last rep better be true failure. If we go 11 or even a 12, you better dig past failure and be willing to endure some pain.

2) Secondly, we progress getting deeper into sets, working through pain thresholds as weeks go by. This is very heavy in your 3rd and/or 4th exercises. This type of intensity is a method of overload itself, although people rarely do this (they are scared). You will see things like, one week you do a certain number of reps, the next week you add partials to that, and then the next week you might add an isohold in there on top of the partials. It’s all about methodically bringing up intensity as our progressive overload method as well.

Also I have included tips on nutrition, going to failure, recovery, and lifestyle factors to ensure you hit your goals.

Are you ready?
Let’s get to work!
John Meadows

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