Mountain Dog 2.0: The Omega Sentinel

Mountain Dog 2.0 – Omega Sentinel, is the first in the series of women’s workout programs. Since John started making workout programs, there have been tons of questions and requests to release a woman’s version of his training program. He has had hundreds of women who used his program, from IFBB pros to regular mom’s trying to get into shape, all with tremendous results.

​In some of John’s own words:

Guys, are you looking for something for your loved one? What better present then the gift of a tight waist, round shoulders, and a booty you can bounce quarters off of!

Ladies, are you looking for a change to your monotonous workouts? Well, great news! Mountain Dog 2.0 Omega Sentinel, John’s very first women’s training program, is a program you will thoroughly enjoy.

Our other programs will work great for women, but he wanted to develop a program that was specifically designed with women in mind.

You will see more emphasis on:

  1. Glutes
  2. Shoulders
  3. Back width

This helps to create that beautiful femine v-shape as the framework for a beautiful body.

There are no magical exercises that only work for women, sorry, that’s silly, but we think you’ll like the emphasis in the training, and the no holds barred intensity that John was known for.

John wanted to include his high frequency/intensity approach from Mountain Dog 2.0’s series to include body parts women focus on the most, as well as get judged on stage for the most. He created 3 phases of high frequency training:

Weeks 1-4: Legs and Glutes – High Frequency

Weeks 5-10: Back – High Frequency

Weeks 11-14: Legs/glutes and Shoulders – High Frequency

Since this is a Digital Product, ALL SALES ARE FINAL.
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