Odin Force

My newest training program, Odin Force, is now LIVE!

For those of you who just wrapped up the low volume program Colossus, welcome back to Volume Town! For those of you new to my programs, this is a program that involves increasing training volume as it’s progression model. It is absolutely imperative that you understand intensity is still the number #1 driver for growth, more important than the amount of volume, so don’t think with a little higher volume we lose the intensity!

Let’s get into the specifics of the program.

In this program we increase volume methodically. This will require more rest as it is very demanding. You are going to use a split that crushes everything 3x every 2 weeks. So not quite, the 2x per week, but more than the 1x per week split that leaves too much time on the table for continued growth.

This is set up as a push, pull, leg system. It also has a specific focus on the high intensity technique type each week.

Here is an example of how the first 2 weeks are set up.

BLOCK 1 – High Intensity Technique of Choice – Cluster Sets

Week 1

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Legs Push Pull OFF Legs Push OFF

Week 2

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Pull OFF Legs Push Pull OFF OFF

Overall, this is going to test you. It is a tough program, and that is exactly the way I want it!

Thanks as always, let’s get to work!

Keep cranking,
John Meadows

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