Leg Day from Particle Smasher

by on December 20, 2023

Week 10 Legs from Particle Smasher

Be Prepared because these are the OG unreleased leg days that challenge your soul!

Week 10 – Legs – 18 sets

Lying leg curl
Do plenty of warm up sets. This week we are bumping the reps to try and get an even more insane pump in hams prior to squatting. Start off with a work set of 25 reps. Your next set do 20 reps, and then do 15 reps. You may not even have to make it heavier as you go, depending on how hard the first set is. No matter what, get your number. Every rep should be with perfect form. One more thing, after you complete 15 reps on the last set, tack on 15 more partials out of the stretched position.

Total Work Sets: 3
Goal: Activate and pump hams

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