Elissa Jewell

Elissa-JewellAfter working in hospitality for over five years, then moving to business and marketing, then moving into the fitness industry – Elissa has a wide variety of skills up her sleeve. Elissa started a chef’s apprenticeship in her teens and discovered first-hand that cooking in a commercial kitchen is nowhere near the same as cooking in your own. Elissa then moved on to administration and marketing for a few years and realised the 9-5, working for the man thing just wasn’t her deal, either.

Outside of her day job in marketing, Elissa developed a love affair with heavy metal and began to take her training in the gym more seriously. To wile away the hours in her boring job, she started secretly writing macro-based recipes to enhance the bland, super low calorie diet her coach had given her. (Back before IIFYM was a thing!) This was the beginning of NoCheating! – a bodybuilding recipe business aiming to change the taste buds and perceptions of gym nuts the world over. It wasn’t long before she quit her day job, became a PT and landed a role managing a gym not far from home. Elissa is now a self-employed bodybuilding coach and recipe writer with over 7 years of experience helping her clients make body transformations with resistance training and delicious food, and has written five recipe eBooks with over 400 bodybuilding and body composition specific recipes.

Elissa’s agenda and philosophy is simple: food isn’t just fuel. It isn’t just entertainment, either – it can be an equal measure of both. With this concept, she aims to help bodybuilders enjoy a greater variety of foods, meals and cuisines during contest prep. She is currently prepping for a contest and has a bit of a chip on her shoulder – after being told many times by old school bodybuilders and coaches that it wasn’t possible, that a contest diet has to be boring and basic, that you can’t eat this or that and get lean (blah blah blah), she is going to show everyone you can get on stage in great condition on a contest prep of strategically written, delicious meals from chocolate mousse, pancakes and banana bread to french toast and pies.

The best diet isn’t worth anything if your clients can’t adhere to it and follow it. Monotony is the enthusiasm killer! The more you enjoy what you eat, the greater the variety, the more fun you can have with funcitonal, strategically eaten food – the easier it will be to get and to sustain your results.

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Elissa Jewell
NoCheating! & Jewell Body Sculpting