Heart Rate Variability

by on October 27, 2022

Despite what people might think and even think that they detect in their own hearts, a healthy heart doesn’t beat on an exacting, steady beat. In fact, it changes its cadence with every beat. The variation of this cadence, as perceived in milliseconds between each heartbeat, is known as the heart rate variability.

Most of the time, we are completely unaware of the slight variation between heart beats, but it’s there. It reflects your hearts ability to respond to different stressors as well as a measure of nervous system health.

Why is HIGH HRV a Good Thing?

Simply, a high HRV is good because it reflects the heart and body’s adaptability. Having a heart rate that is highly variable is evidence that your body can adapt to many changes and scenarios and is a good sign of health.

What’s a Good HRV Score

Healthy people can have scores of 60-70 and top athletes can have numbers of 90-100. Less healthy people will have scores in the 40-55 range.

How to Improve Your HRV

This one might be a shocker, but it’s the same things you want to do to be healthy generally.

• Have an exercise regimen
• Stay hydrated
• Get quality sleep
• Avoid alcohol
• Get natural sunlight
• Manage mental stress- techniques like deep belly breathing and the other techniques I discuss in a previous article Strategies to Cope During These Trying Times
• Take a cold shower.

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