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If one had the freedom to train with the utmost intensity on any day and had no joint issues would a slightly greater frequency bear more fruit doing your high intensity workouts?  Ie, every 5th or 6th day.

Andrew Berry
this always comes down to recovery ability. It would be rare that someone could recover and build muscle with the highest training intensity every day. There is somewhat of an inverse relationship. The more intensity you train with, the less frequency you would need. The opposite is true as well. Even when one loves to train, to progress it comes down to ignoring what you WANT to do in favor of what you NEED to do.

What is your opinion on carb cycle for bulking? I am hitting the Denmark championship and I have to put on some mass before cutting down at the end of February. Should I up the high days to 4 instead of 3, or should I just do a normal all-day bulk every day for a period?

Andrew Berry
I don’t think it matters one way or another really (two ways to the same result) so I would figure out what makes more sense or is more desirable for you. If the overall calories consumed is the same whether cycling carbs or doing a straight static bulk, I think it won’t make much of a difference. What comes into the decision-making process should include: do you need some days or eating less to restore appetite for the next high day? Do you have any digestive issues? Where is body fat? You don’t want to let it get higher than 12% or so or it will make the dieting process longer and harder.

Do you think that cheat meals are necessary?  If so, what do you recommend for a cheat meal that’s not too over the top?  And would it be best to have a cheat meal on like a Sunday night?  Sorry for all of the questions but I just wanted your opinion!

Andrew Berry
It comes down to the time of year or phase of diet you are in. Are cheat meals necessary in the offseason when 30 pounds up from stage weight or lean weight? No, not really unless you just need a diet break. Or let’s say you are in a relationship and your partner wants to go out to eat or celebrate something that would require a meal off plan. Go for it; bodybuilding isn’t the only factor in life. One off meal in the offseason will not make or break your success when trying to get lean.

When you are dieting, the longer you are in caloric deficit, the more your metabolism down regulates. You can use cheat meals or bolus calorie feedings to help restore the metabolism temporarily to continue with your fat loss.

In terms of timing on free meals in a dieting situation, I used to plan them around workouts. These days, I tend to want the client to have a day of rest after the free meal and restore adrenals while helping the metabolism.

I have always wondered why my inner chest won’t fill out, any suggestions? Man that chest workout this week was killer….pre-exhaustion and tension is LEGIT!

Andrew Berry
this comes down to genetics and muscle insertions. I have a decent gap in my middle chest as well and I have done everything to change it. What has worked… getting the pecs to grow overall. Keep training hard.

I was intrigued after watching your TP review of NAC. How do you dose your NAC and ALA for optimal year-round health?

Andrew Berry
most of the recent research has shown that oral NAC has only a 9.1% absorption rate orally. I no longer recommend taking it this way. I have clients use injectable glutathione to achieve the same benefits, usually around 200 mg 2-3 days a week. As far as ALA, (2), 300 mg doses in the morning and evening work well.

I starting using a BCAA product (extend) in the beginning of summer. I would use this product pre, during, and post workout and was pretty amazed at the results it had given me. It made me feel more pumped, I got stronger while getting leaner, and it seemed to provide a small fat burning effect as well. I also used this for morning cardio on an empty stomach at times but am not sure if this is the best product to use for this purpose because it raises insulin?

I’ve heard you speak about EAA. I realize these are referred to as Essential(needed) and BCAA are Branch Chain but I guess I’m a little confused on the specific roles each of these play in the body. Where do you insert these supplements into your diet and training program and why? and what dosages do you recommend?

Andrew Berry
BCAA’s are anti-catablic, in that they decrease muscle protein breakdown. We use EAA’s now (essential amino acids) because they provide the BCAA’s along with other aminos that are essential to muscle protein synthesis and thus, promote anabolism and catabolism.

I would throw 10-15 grams into your intra workout shake. I wouldn’t use them during cardio unless you are around 4% bodyfat which is stage lean for bodybuilding competitors. These amino acids can be converted to energy via the liver and when doing cardio, we want to be using stored fat for fuel.

I’m currently playing with a few different dieting strategies during the off season to see what my body responds to best.  I’m doing a keto style diet for the next several weeks and was wondering if eating 15g of coconut oil 2-3 times a day is going to slow down the fat burning effect of ketosis.  I understand that the body likes to use it for energy but was told that the coconut oil would be used before the body used its fat stores.

I’m a little confused about it , I’m currently getting all my fat from grass fed beef , eggs and almonds (when I eat chicken and tuna), I like to mix coconut oil in my shakes once or twice a day but if its going to slow down any fat burning advantages I’ll just stick with almond butter

Andrew Berry
There are a lot of studies that show your body burns fat even better when consuming medium chain fats. I wouldn’t take out the coconut oil. Pretty much every diet I’ve been on to get into shape for a contest had coconut oil to cook my eggs in- at least close to the end when I had to start pulling more calories from fats to get the last bit off.

What shoes do you wear when you squat, leg press, hack squat, etc.

Andrew Berry
When I was younger it was Chuck Taylors. All the strong guys in my gym wore those and it’s what I saw the power lifters wearing in the magazines so it’s what I wore until several years ago. Either that or the Otomix bodybuilding, thin soled shoes. Now, that I’m older and have several back injuries that pop up, I wear a shoe with a raised heel to it. The company isn’t around anymore and belonged to one of my Canadian clients.

One more question, what is your take on wearing weightlifting belts.

Andrew Berry
I always wear them on my squats, bent over rows, and overhead presses. I know people get concerned their core will get weak if you always wear a belt, but I think it’s more intelligent to protect your lower back from injury when you are putting it in precarious positions like a deep squat. There are plenty of exercises you can do for core strength if you are concerned about that.

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