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by on December 14, 2022

I have a quick question for you. I know that training is very catabolic; do you think that part of the reason people lose muscle tissue when dieting is due to an improper management of peri-workout nutrition? In other words, do you think it’s possible to more or less negate this phenomenon by getting peri-workout nutrition correct? Just something I’ve been wondering lately.
For what it’s worth, I’ve noticed that my soreness is very much diminished since I started using your peri-workout nutrition protocols. I did volume deadlifts yesterday which normally break me in half, and I feel fine today. I wouldn’t have believed it if someone had told me, but the evidence speaks for itself.

Cris Edmonds
Oh I 100% believe if you nail Peri-Workout nutrition you can ensure your body does not lose any hard earned muscle. While we are on the topic, something I’ve seen far too often is people change their training style once the “diet” begins.

This is the exact opposite of what we want actually. I always tell all of my guys and girls, what got you the tissue, will maintain it in a deficit. Its not until the final week before a show that I will modify their training.

Is there any difference between hydrolyzed casein and Peptopro? I am trying to put together my pre intra and post workout drink. So far I plan on using either using the casein hydro or Peptopro with highly cyclic branch dextrins and an additional 5g leucine 3g citrulline and 2g taurine for the drink before during and after. Pre workout planned on taking a probiotic; 1g vitamin c; 25mg zinc aspartate; an adaptogen either Siberian ginseng or rhodiola. Immediately after training I will be using another gram of vitamin c plus; 400 mg magnesium citrate; and MD glucose disposal agent. What you think?

Cris Edmonds
So Pepto-pro is hydrolyzed casein…….so it’s the same thing. Something John and I have found over the years is that high quality EAAs are also very effective in your intra workout if you wanted to save some money. The difference in muscle growth is very minimal if any.

Lastly, I would not Vit C post lift as we want the inflammatory response with training…..and an antioxidant will prevent that.

During a prep, one needs to watch out for an athlete (himself or a client) to see if that athlete is going flat. I understand that this can be bad but is it about “going flat” that is so devastating for a prep? Muscle retention is a big deal…is that all that is sacrificed or are there other things at play here?

Cris Edmonds
this is actually a great question and something that takes time as a coach and an athlete to know the line between being flat and being too flat. In a prep you will be flat, that’s just part of the dieting process. But there is a point where enough is enough and you need to fill back up.

A lot of factors play into this like: how much fat is left to lose? Where their food is at. How many weeks are left before show day? How much muscle they have? What their gym performance is doing?

Then based on that feedback we would determine how many carbs are needed to get you back to full all the while not messing up your digestion. This takes some practice with every client because all do NOT respond the same.

I would just like to know your thoughts on having a coach, how essential it is. Thank you in advance.

Cris Edmonds
so this can be a tricky subject that many may give you different opinions on. Me personally, I coached myself through my first 3 shows and learned lessons that are beyond valuable for my career, but also my body. This way, when I did hire a coach I could give them legit feedback on what worked and what didn’t.

I hired a coach it was for 2 reasons. 1) my job as a trainer was insane, I had clients from 5am to 7pm and the idea of spending mental energy on myself was too much. So I just wanted to open up an email and follow instructions. This way it took all the thought and stress away from me and onto the coach.

Now not all coaches are created equal, so do your research, study their IG page, look up YouTube videos of them speaking. Do your philosophies, mindset and personality pair well with yours.

For example, I don’t need a cheerleader. I respond well to hard coaching as I come from a football background. I also don’t need cheat meals, if that is important to you, then select a coach that has those in there weekly.

At the end of the day, a quality coach can save you years of mistakes and frustrations. They just simply shorten the learning curve and have an outside perspective on things with zero emotion tied to it.

I am of the opinion myself that bulking is BS especially for the natural BBer but in general by a lot of guys regardless. Basically, I see it as an excuse to overeat and have lack of discipline and get what I would consider FAT for a BBer. This means 15% and higher BF levels. In your opinion is there any reason in exceeding the 8-10% mark even when trying to gain muscle and this includes the natural BBer as well?

Cris Edmonds
So IMO, “bulking” is just not good, I don’t care who you are. Now some can get away with it, some may argue. But how hard did you have to diet and cardio to get all that unnecessary fat off?

For competitors that are nature, this is even more so the case bc you do not have the chemical assistance such as clen, t3, gh to aid in fat loss…..then you may actually have diminished test levels going into a show, where an enhanced guy shots that in every 2-3 days to keep the fat burning optimal, while not melting muscle away.

End note here: people need to stop looking for excuses to eat shit food and if you don’t like bodybuilder foods, this is not the sport for you.

I used to follow Carb Backloading for my nutrition, I have also used Carb Nite to cut weight. Now I am eating similar to CBL but I try to get most of my carbs before and after workouts. I have been gaining weight since my last powerlifting meet (where I cut a lot of weight). Now I am looking to pretty much maintain weight but continue to gain strength.
It sounds like Keifer is not too big on consuming fruits unless it is an over ripe banana after a workout. I am starting to transition into a more balanced approach (with fruits and veggies) but keeping some of the CBL principles.
What are your thoughts on fruit in the diet and when would be a good time to consume fruit?

Cris Edmonds
I am a HUGE believer in fruit year round. Its amazing for macro and micro nutrients, curbs a sweet tooth and is an excellent source of fiber. To me, a lot of my guys have fruit in every meal or at minimum every other meal. I tend to opt for apples, pineapple, banana and berries. But have also used oranges, kiwis and mangos. All about what you like to eat and digest well.

I’ve put a ton of muscle using fruit with guys and pulled lots of fat off with fruit in their plans every single week. I really wish other “coaches” would stop demonizing and act like eating a strawberry is similar to eating a piece of candy.

I noticed by eliminating my “junk” carbs (ice cream, cookies…) I do not crave them as much, which is good as I tend to binge eat to satisfy the crave. I have switched over to white rice, waxy maize powder, potatoes and fruits to get the majority of my carbs. Is there a benefit to consuming more of the “junk” carbs post workout or would the “cleaner” high glycemic carbs be just as good in regards to creating the insulin spike? I think taking a moderation approach with the “junk” carbs will suit me better.

Cris Edmonds
I see absolutely no reason to eat junk carbs or food in general when you are looking to boost performance.

I’ve always found clients and training partners who take this approach all tend to get fat, have serious digestive issues and their performance just drops off. Now there may be some exceptions to this rule, but for most, they need quality nutrients.

Even with cheat meals, I prefer my guys and girls to eat something that is not complete trash. Some examples of that: Chick-fila, Sushi, Homemade Pancakes and Eggs or a nice steak house filet, potato, salad and small dessert with your wife on the weekend.

What are your thoughts on gluten and how everybody is allergic all of a sudden? Is it obvious if you are allergic? I don’t remember having any issues with whole wheat bread or brown rice. Would you generally recommend sticking with white over brown/wheat?

Cris Edmonds
to me, unless you have tested positive to a gluten intolerance/allergy, I would keep it in as long as you have zero digestive issues with it. Now I do prefer a majority of my carbs to come from jasmine rice, Rice and Grinds, fruit and potatoes……but I do enjoy a nice bowl of oats with cinnamon and some Ezekiel bread with my eggs.

Would you recommend to consume carbs with every meal or keep them around workouts only?

Cris Edmonds
this 100% depends on your current bodyfat level and insulin sensitivity. In a perfect world, if your goal is to gain as much muscle as possible, you will have carbs in every meal. But if you are putting more fat than muscle, it is time to pull back on carbs.

To me, carbs should always be in the Peri-Workout Window (pre, intra, post) then your other 4 meals depend on the 2 factors listed in the beginning.

This is heavily person to person dependent.

I was curious what your take is on BCAA’s compared to hydrolyzed casein intra workout, I was told using 20g of BCAA’s was similar to Peptopro, What’s your take? And also what do you think of hydrolyzed whey intra?

Cris Edmonds
As John and I have discovered over the years, BCAAs do not hold a candle to EAAs. BCAAs are just to incomplete and if the formula is light in leucine, they are even worse.

To use EAA or Pepto-pro is always the answer when paired with highly branched cyclic dextrin, creatine monohydrate, adequate water and some coconut water…..give you all the secrets man hahahahaha.

I was going to ask you your thoughts on the debittered hydro whey from True nutrition also? Would that be a good choice? I’m just trying to figure the most cost effective option all around for me and hydro whey is about half the price of Peptopro.

Cris Edmonds
so if you are really trying to save money, here is what I would do with your intra:

15g EAA

30g carbs from full sugar Gatorade

8oz coconut water

5g creatine monohydrate

All of this is super cheap and pretty effective. Just pay close attention to your digestion. If you have any gastric “emptying” during your training session, I would look into investing into a bag of highly branched cyclic dextrin from True Nutrition to pair with your EAA and coconut water.

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