John Meadows Signs 3-Year Deal With Prime Nutrition

by on July 11, 2014

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014

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John Meadows, Mountain Dog Diet Founder/Creator, Signs 3-Year Deal with Prime Nutrition

Boca Raton, Florida – Very rarely does a brand sign two of the most respected and influential people in the same week, but we have done just that. On Monday we rocked the bodybuilding industry with the news of Evan Centopani joining Prime Nutrition and today it is with great pleasure we welcome and announce John Meadows.

John has agreed to terms on a 3-year contract with Prime Nutrition where he will serve as Director of Business Development for the company. Meadows brings a wealth of experience to Prime having formerly served as a high level executive at Chase Bank for which he worked on all of their largest projects. In addition to his impressive corporate banking background, he’s better known in the bodybuilding industry as the creator of, arguably the most comprehensive and valuable learning tools for bodybuilders anywhere online.

It’s not only John’s passion for bodybuilding that excites us, but his entrepreneurial spirit and decades of experience both in bodybuilding and in business. One area that Meadows will play a vital role is expanding the research and development of peri-workout supplementation. For those who are familiar with John’s teachings, he is adamant about the importance of intelligent nutrient intake while we train. There is absolutely no better person anywhere in the world that can target and unlock the mechanisms for new muscle growth in regards to peri-workout nutrition than John.

As we always say, Prime Nutrition is rooted on relationships and friendships. The friendship that Centopani and Meadows have forged will undoubtedly help enhance the innovative formulations soon to be released as these two crunch numbers and discuss concepts. The possibilities are endless.

Here’s what Evan had to say about John joining Prime Nutrition:

“Fads, trends and all that is popular carries the distinct risk of being all but forgotten with the coming of tomorrow. Time is the ultimate jury and only that with actual substance stands a chance at going the distance. The same holds true for individuals. Substance isn’t accrued overnight. It takes years of learning and practical application before a person can rightfully be recognized as a master of their trade. Needless to say, gimmicks are a dime a dozen, while the real thing is in short supply.

John Meadows is the real thing; a formidable competitor, a tremendous coach and a man who is recognized as an innovator and held in high regard for being one of the few who actually knows what he’s talking about. More importantly, he’s a great individual and someone whom I’ve never heard a negative thing. When John called me a few days ago and expressed his enthusiasm over everything happening at Prime and told me that he wanted to be a part of it, the only question I had for him was “When can you begin?” Simply put, I know he will be an invaluable addition to Prime Nutrition and for that reason, I have decided to make John a part of our team.”