John’s Blog: Happy Holidays Everybody!

by on December 25, 2015


I recently mentioned that I would list out the supplements I am taking now, so I first wanted to make good on that and show you my list.

These are more of the day to day health supplements. This is why you don’t see the IntraMD or IntraMD EAA+. Those are year round supplements for me that I never do without!

In this picture you also see Blackstone Labs MK Ultra, as I am experimenting with it.


Super Bio Curcumin 1 cap in am and 1 in pm / Life Extension

Super Omega 3 2 caps in am and 2 in pm / Life Extension

Vitamin D and K w/ Sea Iodine 1 cap with meal containing fats / Life Extension

Citrus Bergamot 2 caps in am / Jarrow

Q-Absorb 1 cap in am / Jarrow

P5P 3 tabs in am (150 mg total) / Vitamin World

Enteric coated Aspirin 1 tab daily 81 mg

Partition MD – 2 caps per workout and 2 caps before bed / Prime Nutrition




Check this out. One of my boys wrote a letter to Santa Claus and put it in the mailbox….no stamp, to no address, etc. I saw the joy he had doing this so I let him of course.

Well the post office actually responded. They actually took the time to write a letter back to Alexander. Now how cool is that?




We have been working hard on another new flavor for the Food bar. We nailed chocolate peanut butter! It is REALLY good, right up there with the chocolate coconut for my taste.

The feedback for these bars has been awesome. We are on the verge now of selecting a few retailers to carry the bar for us. 2016 is going to be an awesome year for this business, and I am really proud of what we are creating here!



Thanks for reading this one – it’s a short one, but I must finish Christmas shopping, back out into the war zone!

Happy Holidays – talk again soon!

John Meadows