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by on January 7, 2016


Here are we are at about 8 weeks out. Below is my diet change for the week and the addition of cardio.


Meal 1 – 3 whole eggs, ½ cup of dry oats, a teaspoon of coconut oil

Changed to 1 cup of whites, 148 grams of red potato, 2 tbs ketchup, 1 tsp of coconut oil


Meal 2 – Chocolate Coconut food bar (Best Bar Ever) and a coffee

Intra – 3 scoops of Intra MD

Meal 3 – 40 grams of whey iso, ½ cup of cream of rice (dry), 1 tbsp of nut butter, 0 calorie choc syrup

Meal 4 – 8 oz od cod, ½ cup of oats, 1 cup of green veggies

Meal 5 – 6 oz of cooked chicken, 2 cups of white rice

Meal 6 – 8 oz of cod, 1 cup of white rice, ½ cup of black eyed peas, hot sauce

Breakdown – 257 grams of protein (34%), 392 of carbs (52%), 44 of fat (13%) = 2992 calories

Cardio started on Monday. I started on a 3% incline and walking at 2.5 on the treadmill. I get crazy cramps in my calves the first few days but then it goes away. My speed will pick up some as I get in better shape.

I started at 35 minutes and I add 1 minute a day Monday through Friday. Next Friday will start at 40 minutes.

My music selection while doing cardio is


I am using 1 scoop of IntraMD EAA pre-cardio as well. Primarily because I love the teacrine in it.


It was a crazy week with kids being sick in the household, but they are almost back to normal now. It is terrifying to me to see them have 102 degree fevers, but I guess it’s not that bad for little ones. I remember calling the paramedics when they were babies it freaked me out so much.

I have also been playing tackle football in the evenings with my boys. All that stuff about people saying they want to be able to play with their kids and not feel crippled when they get older, well for me, it’s 100% true. It’s just sad they are almost faster than me at 7 years old HA!

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