Best Cardio for a Bodybuilder

by on April 30, 2020

So with gyms still being closed a lot of us are able to do mainly cardio. So the question becomes what kind of cardio is best. In this video I break down my thoughts on just that. I will also give you my top choices for cardio for both fat loss and heart health. As a bodybuilder you need to pick your cardio correctly so you don’t eat up to much muscle and can still have a good workout with less calories. Let me know what your favorite type of cardio is. Thanks for watching.

Cardio respiratory health 01:52
1.) Swimming 03:37
2.) Assault bike 08:42
3.) Elliptical 10:13

Cardio to burn fat 12:22
1.) Walking 15:34
2.) Riding a bike 16:18
3.) Plyometric circuits 16:50

Summary 17:51

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