5 Proven Ways to get Workout Motivation

by on February 7, 2017

Well, it’s that time of the year again… when you are just about to binge on food and drink while promising yourself that you would take care of your body the next year. Only that the latter bit gets conveniently shelved amidst multiple snoozes, and thrown alarm clocks.

You think to yourself, “There’s gotta be an easier way to get this done?” Well, no. Losing weight is by no means easy and the first thing you need to come to terms with is this fact. This will help you set realistic goals when it comes to losing all that flab and gaining some good ol’ muscle.

If you’ve ever hit the gym you know that there are 2 distinct types of workout days. One, where you are off in the morning like a shell from a railgun laying waste to whatever piece of equipment lays before you in the gym. Then there are the other days where you have as much willpower as molasses on a cold, rainy morning.

Our goal with this article is to average all of these days out and get you pumping at least a bit of iron even on days where you are feeling less than your best. In short – how to have motivation to workout?

1 Remember, Remember, The 31st Of December

This is the single most powerful weapon in your arsenal. I remember when I was so stuffed with food before I slept at 4 AM well past New Year, I swore to myself to take a good look at my diet and make better life choices.

But I found out during the following year, that just wishing for it won’t do squat (gym pun!) for you. You have to visualize this every day for the next 364 days.

I’ve found that smaller, shorter goals work wonders. Maybe put a sticky note on your bathroom mirror saying “I’ll do cardio thrice a week for the entire month”. When it comes to goals, start small, finish strong!

2 Turn the music up to 11

As someone who has never ever worked out to silence, I can attest to the fact that music does generate its own, unique energy signature! The right tunes can work with my muscles, fire off endorphins and help me push for that vaunted “one-last-rep”.

My playlist usually has songs that can get me worked up for the intense exercise that is about to follow. Music plays a big part in anyone’s fitness plans and you should do some research into what genres you like to get an edge on your regimen as well.

3 Get An Ally

If you need someone to keep tabs on you with your workouts and food habits, get your best friend into the habit!

A workout buddy can be the motivating force that you need to break down the walls of laziness and procrastination. Both of you can motivate yourselves to perform better and in the process get more out of yourselves. This can build consistency which is key to working out.

4 Visualizing and positive thinking

The mind is a powerful ally when it comes to setting up your body for a good workout. You need to prep your mind like you warm up your body. You can do this through 2 methods, which are not mutually exclusive.

Visualizing is what even athletes use to “see” their game-plan in motion – playing it in their minds before the game itself. This is a powerful method of thinking that is useful for getting you in the zone. You can use it to good advantage with your workouts as well.

Another thing is positive thinking. Don’t just focus on how much weight you’ve lost or the days you’ve missed hitting the gym. Just enjoy working out each day to start off. Hard numbers and targets can come when you think you can deal with them.

5 Reward yourself

Human beings love rewards. And the thing with fitness is that it takes a long time to show. What do we do meanwhile?

We make use of instant-gratification tools to up the ante! Something as simple as a warm, herbal bath or your favorite healthy meal can work to give you that rush which gets you really hyped for your next workout session!

Summing it up

These are the top advice I’ve given out to people who’ve asked me this question and I hope it answered some of yours as well. There are even apps now that reward you for working out. One of them is PACT, which has some really worthwhile incentives for being true to yourself, fitness-wise.

According to most people I’ve met, motivating yourself is pretty much harder than the regimen! So if you’ve got that part down, you’re done with the hard bit!

Article written by Cathy  Garagegymplanner.com

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