21 Reasons Your Shoulders Won’t Grow

by on February 10, 2020

Do you have trouble getting your shoulders to grow? Well today I have 21 tips to get your shoulders to start growing. If you follow my 21 tips you will start seeing massive improvements with your shoulders and overall size.

1.) Exercise sequence Rear delts 1st side 2nd front 3rd
2.) Cable position for rear
3.) Cable position for side
4.) Dumbbell position for front
5.) Partial rear
6.) Partial side
7.) Elbows in front
8.) Arc dumbbells
9.) Partial range of motion
10) Exercise profile
11.) Strength curve
12.) Opposite — Heavy in weakest position
13.) if no equipment just partials
14.) Part of shoulder you work facing up
15.) Make weights lighter to isolate
16.) Over & Backs
17.) Spider crawls
18.) Pronate hands on rear delts
19.) Let your muscles relax
20.) No shrugging
21.) Separate shoulder day

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