21 Reasons You Don’t Have Big Calves

by on March 4, 2020

We are back with another 21 reason video. In this video we go over 21 reasons your calves wont grow. You know for me it was always a struggle to get my calves to grow as you will see in the picture in the video. But when I started using the tips I give you in this video my calves went from 14″ up to 20″. You can have massive growth just like that in your calves to if you just follow my 21 reason.

1.) Don’t blame genetics
2.) Your workouts are pathetic
3.) You are not stretching at the bottom
4.) Not holding the stretch for 1 second
5.) Your Bouncing
6.) Not training your tibia
7.) Your legs aren’t straight when you do standing raises
8.) Too heavy on standing raises
9.) Frequency is to low
10.) You have no pain tolerance
11.) Not going to failure
12.) Volume is to high
13.) You aren’t using high intensity techniques
14.) Doing too much cardio
15.) Stop the nonsense of toes in toes out
16.) Stretch post training
17.) Occasionally do high reps
18.) Not doing explosive work
19.) Prioritizing first in your workouts
20.) Walk around on your tiptoes
21.) You tell me

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