The Unity Powerbuilder 1.0 Program Explained

by on May 23, 2021

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Here are some simple substitutions. There are many more you can do, but here are some basics.

Hack squat – Feet out in front Smith squats, squat machines with back support, dumbbell squats standing on raised aerobic benches (for depth), goblet squat

Leg press – Close stance dumbbell squats with heels slightly elevated, goblet squat

Chest machine – Dumbbell presses, banded pushups

Smith machine high incline presses – Cage press, barbell front press with back support

Lying leg curls – Seated leg curls, standing leg curls, banded leg curls, dumbbell leg curls

Seated leg curls – Lying leg curls, standing leg curls, banded leg curls, dumbbell leg curls

Hyperextension bench – Banded Good mornings, light barbell good mornings, seated dumbbell good mornings

Standing calf raises – Toe raise on any incline

Seated calf raise – Standing toe raise but bend knees some

Pulldowns – Banded pullups

Pushdowns – Banded pushdown, dumbbell kickbacks

Chest supported row – Any bent over row

Machine flyes – Dumbbell flyes, deficit pushups (hands on plates), cambered bar pushups

Rear delt machine flyes – Dumbbell bent over flyes

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