Why You Need to Release the Psoas

by on February 23, 2022

One of the most painful yet satisfying recovery techniques is having your psoas released.

This muscle is so deep in your lower back, that a practitioner actually has to go through your abs, moving organs aside, until reaching the muscle that is responsible for posture, strength, stabilizing your lower back, and facia connections throughout your hips and torso.

It sounds a bit horrific, but those that have experienced this relief can vouch for the benefits and relief of having it done.

Here is why you need your psoas muscle released:

Location: Psoas is one of the most important muscles, and the ONLY muscle in the entire body that connects your upper body to your lower body.

Helps Relieve and Recover Your Back: This deep lower back muscle has a lot of responsibility. Not just responsible for flexing the hip, but its more complicated than that. Some psoas specialists even suggest the importance of having it released prior to strengthening or stretching it in many cases. Recovery is critical for your strength and performance.

Fascia Connected to the Psoas: Not only having your psoas muscle released for proper recovery, strength, and performance, but also because of the fascia. The fascia around the psoas support numerous visceral structures and organs. Therefore, releasing the psoas not only help with recovery, strength, and performance, but also by influencing digestion, excretion, detoxification, and even the reproduction processes.

Strong hips, strong body!

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