Basic Ways to Cook your Eggs

by on January 15, 2013

1) Hard Boiled Eggs – easy and simple! Nothing needed but some boiling water. Just pop the eggs, shell and all into boiling water until cooked through. The great things about hard boiled eggs is they last around 1 week and are perfect for the champion food preppers.

2) Soft Boiled Eggs – basically the same as hard boiled, but you don’t allow them to cook as long. Thus, the yolk is still runny and great for dipping your Ezekiel toast in!

3) Scrambled Eggs – easiest eggs to prepare, just add some eggs in a frying pan with your choice oil – coconut oil, palm oil, etc. Scramble them up with a spatula over low to medium heat (this will ensure they are fluffy).

4) Sunny Side Up – make sure that the frying pan is super hot (with a heat stable oil such as coconut oil), crack open an egg without breaking the yolk then turn the heat down until the egg white is cooked only. This ensures that the white is cooked, yet the yolk is runny.

5) Over Easy Eggs – Same start as the sunny side up, but you will flip the egg so both sides are fried. Don’t break the yolk!

6) Fried Egg – Exactly the same as above, BUT you break the yolk!

7) Poached Eggs – No oil required cooking. The skillet needs to have a depth of at least 3 inches (because this is how much water you will need to add). As the water in the skillet is heating, crack you egg into a shallow bowl or cup. Before adding the egg to the water, reduce the heat to medium. Ease the egg into the water. The amount of time you leave you egg in the water will depend on how runny you want your yolk (3 min for medium, 2 min of runny, etc.). Spoon egg onto a paper towel and blot out the water before eating!

from September 2011:

Hello fellow Mountain Doggers! I did some experimenting this month with free range eggs, and found some tasty recipes you will want to try!

— Recipes by Victoria Felkar