Raw Grass Fed Dairy

by on April 18, 2014

Raw Grass Fed Dairy (mostly milk)

I love raw milk. It tastes awesome, and it is unbelievably healthy. The same things that applied to grass fed beef, applies to grass fed dairy. You get more CLA, and Omega 3s. The Journal of Dairy Science did a study in 1999 on CLA in grass fed dairy, and found that it contains 500% more CLA then cows fed grain. You will also find this selection in the “fat” section on this website.

Are you starting to notice a trend? The best proteins have fats included. God knows best. In order to use protein best and fat soluble vitamins you need fat. Within fat, there is also an abundance of healthy nutrients!

Although this selection comes out the final 16 weeks before a contest for my physique competitors (my only exception is 1 tbsp of Grass-Fed butter daily), it’s an absolutely great way to add lean muscle in the off-season. I really don’t like to take it out pre-contest, but I do because experience has taught me dairy does seem to cause most to hold a layer of water under their skin, which isn’t optimal for physique display! The ironic thing is that this is a good result of your skin being healthier! If you don’t plan on competing, you can consume raw milk year round! Also notice I said RAW in addition to grass-fed. The nutritional value milk plummets due to pasteurization (Vitamin A is completely destroyed), and the proteins become more difficult to digest often creating strong immune system responses and allergies. The Weston A Price Foundation has a sister website called www.realmilk.com that is excellent in explaining the benefits of raw milk.

I do want to point out that I do not support consumption of pasteurized dairy you find in most stores at any time, and also that dairy is not necessary, or required. You will get plenty of Omega 3’s from your salmon, grass-fed meats, and eggs. You should get enough Vitamin D from your eggs, fermented cod liver oil, and other additions to your diet. I say should because it is common to be deficient in D. There is a test called a 25 OH D test that everyone should take to determine if you are or not, and then react accordingly. You will get plenty of Vitamin A from Beef, occasional Liver, and certain veggies (with butter). Raw Milk does give you an excellent source of calcium (much more easy for your body to use than calcium from pasteurized milk), but you can get it green leafy veggies, broccoli, certain nuts and other foods as well. I wrestled around with this one for a while, but after having tried raw milk myself for an extended period of time, and seeing what it has done for many others in terms of their well-being, and lean muscle gains,. I think I would be remiss not adding this. The truth is that I look at raw milk as a very good supplement! Drink up!

If you have trouble finding sources visit the www.realmilk.com website listed above, and you should be able to find some folks in your area to help.

John Meadows