Leg Destruction Workout | City Athletic Club Las Vegas

by on October 12, 2018

Today we are at the City Athletic Club in Las Vegas. I have with me a special guest Miranda Cohen. She was brave enough to do some legs with me and man did I let her have a Mountain Dog Leg workout. Give this leg workout a try and let me know how you like it.

Miranda Cohen Instagram: @mirandacohenfit

Anatomy of Your Leg Muscles
No, your glute muscles are not officially part of your legs (get the full 411 on your rear view at fitnessmagazine.com/behind), but here we take a below-the-cheeks look at the major players that are.

These muscles, which form the back of the thigh, flex your knee and extend your hip.

Also known as inner thigh muscles; squeeze a pencil between your knees to feel these fire.

This muscle at the front of your thigh is made up of four sections and is the main mover when you extend knees.

The uppermost of your two calf muscles, it gives your feet push-off power with each step.

This calf muscle works with and lies underneath the gastrocnemius.

Tibialis anterior
The strip of muscle that makes up your shin and helps you flex your ankle to move your foot toward your knee.

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