Power Building Push Workout

by on March 17, 2021

This push workout is from a new program I have in the works. Its a power building push workout. Just a warning you will be sore after you do this. Its no joke.

1.) Press 65% 1 rep max 6 sets of 5 60 seconds rest
2.) Incline Dumbbell Press feeder sets 3-4 reps 1 set hard 8 1 drop set failure drop 30% failure
3.) Machine Fly 1 drop set Failure drop 25% failure
4.) Smith press 1 heavy set of 3 2 sets of 5
5.) Y raise 2 sets of 15
6.) Plate raise drop set failure
7. )Triceps pushdown 3 sets of 12
8.) Dumbbell kick out 3 sets of 8

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