Are My Workouts for You?? | Rant Time

by on April 26, 2024

There is so much information out on the internet today about training compared to when I started lifting. And while most would say this is a good thing, sadly not all “advise” is created equal.

In this video I dig into my own training and decipher for you if my sessions you all should be mirroring set for set.

Now all day long watch my form, execution, intensity…….but if you are a beginner or intermediate, these sessions are simply too advanced for your stage of progression.

I’m not telling you to stop watching or applying what I am teaching. But this is an attempt for total transparency. Watch this video, follow the thought process and begin growing today.

There are stages to lifting and for me (almost 40) my body has been through a ton. So if you are in a similar place, great……these workouts fit the bill. If you are under 5 years in the gym, time to grab the heavy dumbbells and barbels and get to pulling.

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