3 Dynamic Reasons to Have Coaches

by on March 9, 2017

A lot of people say there’s a distinction between mentors and coaches.

“Mentors don’t charge you money.”

“They take you under their wing because they see the potential and want to teach you their secrets.”

Anybody remember the movie The Karate Kid… “Wax on, Wax off?”

Some would argue that Mr. Miyagi was a mentor, not a coach.

There may be some truth to this, but what would be wrong or different if Daniel Son hired Mr. Miyagi to be his coach? He still would have taught him that standing on one-leg kick.

We’re not here to argue the distinction between a mentor and coach, but in our opinions, it doesn’t really matter.

The truth is, we all should be seeking mentors or coaches to help us accelerate the learning curve, avoid making mistakes, acquire wisdom, tools, and to get better all around. Let’s say for example you are trying to become an online trainer. Wouldn’t it be best to seek out a coach that has been doing this for many years and has had success? By investing in a coach that has been through the trenches and made mistakes can save you and your business a lot of heartache.

When we first started our online coaching business we hired Layne Norton for many years before taking the leap of faith and starting our own business. By doing so, we learned so much from him, avoided many mistakes, and saw things we could add as well to our coaching. We made an investment to be great coaches and master our crafts. From there we went on to hire other top level coaches such as Dr. Joe K and Eric Helms of 3DMJ to learn their coaching styles and business philosophies. We did this to add more tools to our tool belt and it has paid off immensely for us and our business.

Sometimes that extra help needs to come from a good coach and to be the best, you must learn from the best…


It’s a Sprint, not a Marathon….
Today most the population wants big things to happen in the quickest and easiest way possible. But the problem is nobody wants to put in the little details and do the small things to make the big things happen.

Then you have that other small percentage of the population that is willing to put in the little details and do the small things to make the big things happen. But sometimes this small population needs help. And there is nothing wrong with ever needing help to succeed at something and to make the big things happen.

The famous Entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuck says you need to play the long game in all aspects of life. The short game is where many people fail. This is spot on whether it is in the context of business, goals, health, getting results, success, ETC.

Shortcuts never work, and if they do they often comeback to bite you in the ass. Practice patience daily and think of it as a marathon, not a sprint with whatever you are trying to achieve.

For some context, we will be referring to different coaches throughout this article and giving you 3 dynamic reasons to have coaches in your life, business, and health goals.


Dynamic Reason 1-The Law of 33%
One of our mentors, Tai Lopez, talked about the Law of 33% in his TED talk. He mentioned that he recommends we all spend 33% of our time with three levels of people:

  • 33% of the time should be with people that are above your level so that you learn from their wins and losses
  • 33% of the time should be with people at your level so that you can relate to their struggles and success
  • 33% of the time should be with people that are below your level so that you stay humble, have humility, and give back

These three levels of people equate to 99% of your time.

This concept can apply to coaches as well. You could have 33% of your time with a coach, 33% of time with external wisdom (books, videos, podcasts), and 33% with internal wisdom (life experiences).

We applied this concept to fitness, 33% of your time to focus on exercise, 33% of your time to focus on nutrition, and 33% to focus on blending it all into a lifestyle.

Think about how you can apply this law of 33% concept into your life.


Dynamic Reason 2-Accelerating your Learning Curve and Avoiding Mistakes
Think hard about something you did in the past and wished you got help with to make the transition or journey easier?

Can’t think of any, no worries, we got your back and some examples for you:

  • In fitness, if you’re looking to take your physique to the next level, we recommend hiring a coach to oversee your fitness program. It’s a non-biased eye that keeps you accountable and maps out the blue print within exercise, nutrition, your schedule, goals, etc. Sounds great, right? But instead people will try and do it all themselves instead of hiring a coach, accelerating the learning curve, and avoiding a ton of mistakes.
  • In business, everybody wants to wear all the hats (accounting, project management, marketing, social media, sales, etc.) but how can one do it all in an effective manner? One of our business coaches told us that in business, double down on your strengths and delegate your weaknesses. So, say your very good at selling your product, but horrible at social media or marketing. Why not hire a coach that is an expert within that? You’ll accelerate your learning curve and avoid a ton of mistakes

Think about where in your life can you hire a coach to accelerate your learning curve and avoid making a ton of mistakes.


Dynamic Reason 3-Gaining Tools, Knowledge, and Wisdom
Picture a construction workers tool belt. A good construction worker should have a hammer, tape measurer, wrench, etc. This way if he needs to use one of those tools he will have it handy.

Now think about your personal knowledge and wisdom tool belt.

Do you want to be the person that has 1-2 good pieces of wisdom or 9-10 great pieces of wisdom?

Our life coach said “Seek internal wisdom outside of external wisdom.”

What he meant was you can read all the books in the world, watch all the YouTube videos, listen to all the podcasts, but you need to be in touch with developing your internal wisdom as well. Internal wisdom comes from traveling, life experiences, reflecting, giving back, failing, wining, and from coaches.

Let us give you an example, we coach clients all around the world, helping them attain the physiques of their dreams. We worked with three of who we consider the best physique coaches in the world.


Because we wanted their wisdom, their knowledge, and we wanted to add it to our tool belts.

You see, when you have a great tool belt that has knowledge, internal and external wisdom, life experiences, and lessons from coaches…there’s something to say about feeling like a bad ass.

Think about the tools, knowledge, and wisdom you can add to your own tool belt.

To conclude this, hopefully you see why we don’t really see a big distinction between mentors and coaches because in the grand scheme of things what should matter most is:

  • Using the law of 33% concept
  • Accelerating the learning curve and avoiding a ton of mistakes
  • Gaining tools, knowledge, and wisdom

We will leave you with another saying that one of our coaches told us:
“Growth doesn’t happen when you constantly chase it, it happens when you least expect it.”

Let that sink in and we really encourage you to seek out coaches and mentors to accelerate your learning curve.

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