John’s Blog: 3 months after San Antonio

by on November 19, 2015

Ho-Lee-ChitSo here we are about 3 months after San Antonio. What have I been doing?

Well I have been doing a lot of business stuff! Hopefully by now you have tried the new food bars I made with my business partner Mike at Best Bar Ever. The reviews have been spectacular and I couldn’t be more proud. I have a truckload of emails from people blown away by the texture and taste of these bad boys. Right now we have chocolate coconut and apple pie, and we have almost done with peanut butter chocolate. Give these a try and you won’t regret it!

I have also launched a training app for Iphones and Androids. Now this might sound weird, but when I get this thing to do ALL the things I want it to do, I think it is going to impact the personal training industry in a big way. Right now it gives you programs I create for $1 a day. Later we will be adding diet help. Notice I said help, not just food tracking. The price will remain the same more than likely. I am all over this $1 a day concept I created.

Ok so enough of the sales stuff….so what am I eating? How am I training?

After my last show in San Antonio I was actually physically beat up. I was good right up through Tampa, but the last 2 weeks got me. My knees even started hurting and my knees NEVER hurt. I am just now starting to get back to feeling normal, and it’s 3 months later. When I say normal I mean joints and such. I have been using this split to focus on chest and back:

Monday – Chest and shoulders
Tuesday – Legs
Wednesday – Back (pump)
Thursday – off
Friday – Chest (pump)
Sat – Back
Sunday – Off

My plan is too not train everything twice a week, as I have in the past, and to focus more on chest and back. I don’t feel I need 2 leg days based on how my legs looked next to the competition earlier this year. My legs are just fine, but I can definitely use a freakier (and prettier) torso. I am training abs and calves every workout during the week as of now.

In terms of diet, I typically do this…

7:20 – Wake up and take supplements (I will detail this in next blog)
7:40 – Take kids to school
9:00 – Have 3 organic eggs over easy with some grape jelly, some nitrate free bacon, and a cup of coffee at a nice cafe here close to my house. I start my day working while I eat.

10:30 – I have been having some protein powder, and one of my Chocolate Coconut food bars before training.

11-1 – I train (just work on Thursdays) – during workout I have 3 scoops of IntraMD. I have been adding some of the new formula (low carb) to get some teacrine and hydromax as well.

1:30 – I get home and have a lean protein and a clean carb. This changes all the time, and there is no rhyme or reason. I like variety here. Once I get pre-contest this and other meals will become more set.

2 – 5 – I typically work and snack as I work. This might be another food bar, or it could be Greek yogurt with some Udi’s granola, or it could be cereal with egg whites poured over and a splash of flavored coffee creamer cause, well it tastes awesome.

5 – 6 – Usually kids get home and we play for a bit. Most of the time we play football out in the front yard. They know all their pass patterns such as post, curls, crossing routes, etc.

6:30 – We sit down or family dinner – My favorite meal lately and it’s something I will also do a blog on next week. This is Trader Joe’s hard tacos with 96% lean beef, guacamole, some sour cream, and a sprinkle of cheese. Man these are good! I eat as much as I can handle comfortably!

9:30 – 10 – I have cereal often with egg whites and sweetener or I might have some p28 bread with a nut butter (Nuts-n-more).

This isn’t much food, but my appetite is starting to kick in over the past week.

My next blog I am going to talk about my recent lecture in Toronto and some highlights from some time I spent with Fouad, and also my competitive plans for the year.

Here is a hint.