Best Gyms In America | Madtown Fitness

by on November 4, 2019

The next stop on my epic best gyms in America tour is the one and only Madtown Fitness in Madison Wisconsin. If you are looking for a gym that has some of the best equipment in the game this is the gym for you. They have by far the most Rogers equipment under one room. Each and every one of the pieces Matdown Fitness has just feels so good to use. The owner Dan Pasholk scours the globe looking for the best of the best to add to the gym floor. So you never know what sweet equipment they will have each time you walk through the doors.

If you are in the Madison Wisconsin area or even within 300 miles of this gym you need to stop in for a nice short 5 hour workout.

For more information about Madtown Fitness click on this link:

Also give them a follow on IG: @Madtownfitness


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