Special: John Meadows Strength Asylum Seminar

by on September 8, 2016

John Meadows Strength Asylum Seminar 2016

england-2016Get The Strength Asylum Seminar for only $19.95 or get it for FREE and almost a decade worth of interviews, seminars, workouts, nutrition info, supplementation info, and more by joining the Mountain Dog member site for only $19.95/mo

The Strength Asylum Seminar has:

  • Over 9 hours of content over 3 days, with much of the material never seen before
  • An entire section dedicated to the hardcore side of the sport.. Yes, that includes anabolics, GH, insulin, thyroid, IGF-1 info, and much more.. Learn what I did for my shows and do with my clients
  • Mountain Dog Training completely broken down into 4 phases, along with a thorough review of Mountain Dog 2.0 explained – Learn more about my high frequency training program that people are raving about
  • Hours of training footage going over – Legs, Arms, Chest/shoulders, and Back
  • Contest Peaking – Learn what I did this year and used to help turn many guys pro this year. Nobody else is doing this (yet).
  • Intra-workout nutrition and how to use it to ensure maximal recovery
  • Hardcore fat loss and mass gaining strategies I use and use with my clients (including chemicals)
  • Hours and hours more of never before seen information

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