Mountain Dog Training and Nutrition Demystified

by on February 27, 2016


Get exclusive access to John Meadow’s nutrition and training seminar in Edinburgh, Scotland. Learn the theory behind Mountain Dog Training and Nutrition system that has created hundreds of champions around the world. Your physique will never be the same again after watching this seminar.

This series of Videos which includes a Training Seminar, a Nutrition Seminar and a ton of videos from the Workout Sessions, is Free to all Mountain Dog Diet Members (in the Training & Nutrition sections) or available separately for only $19.97.

Who is John Meadows?

IFBB Pro – Trainer Of Champions – Fitness Leader – Entrepreneur

Edinburgh-Seminar-JohnElite bodybuilder, internationally recognized fitness expert and champion producing coach. Over the past decade John’s Meadows articles have appeared in a myriad of fitness publications including: Musclemag, T-nation, EliteFTS, Muscle and Fitness, Planet Muscle, and Men’s Fitness.

Along with appearing in a host of well-known fitness publications John owns and maintains, one of the most popular bodybuilding resources on the web while working with a number of high-level bodybuilders to step on stage each year.

What You Will Get With This Mountain Dog Training Seminar

Workout Structure for Maximum Hypertrophy
Edinburgh-Seminar-2Watch John explain the four phases of his world famous Mountain Dog Training program. Yes, the same program that has created freaks. John will take you through the steps before your workout all the way to the end to ensure maximum hypertrophy. John gives away his intensification techniques to push muscle growth to a new level. Lagging body parts? No problem.. John explains his technique to conquer weak body parts. This is the most comprehensive video EVER on Mountain Dog Training.

Mountain Dog Diet Nutrition Concepts
Get to learn the 5 important keys in the Mountain Dog Diet plan. Listen John explain his beliefs on quality foods, cheat meals, intra workout nutrition, the 10% rule, and so much more. Get Mountain Dog Nutrition tips to not only get lean, but to gain mass as well!

Contest Prep & Body Recomposition
Edinburgh-Seminar-4Who better to learn contest prep from than an IFBB pro that has competed more times than he can remember in life… not to mention the HUNDREDS of client contest preps he has done. You get to learn about John’s 3-step Contest Prep process he uses for his clients. John tells you about his essential supplements he uses on each contest prep. Most importantly John teaches you about peaking for your next show and the process of peak week.

Training – Feel the Pain
This isn’t your typical boring seminar where everyone just sits a
round for a few hours watching someone talk and that’s it. You get to see John Meadows in action teaching how to perform killer mountain dog training exercises. Do you think this is some boring light lifting with pink weights your grandma would use… This is HARDCORE training from John Meadows and the seminar attendees. You will see first hand Mountain Dog Training is no joke.

Here is What Else You Will Get

TONS of workouts for each body part – shown on video, so you know how to do them properly

An in-depth look at intra-workout nutrition and supplementation

Explanation on nutrient timing and insulin sensitivity

How to properly utilize occlusion training

HIIT Cardio – Fasted vs. Non-Fasted

How to include physical therapy into your regimen

And TONS more – hours worth of info too long to list

What The Pros Are Saying

“Mountain Dog training revolutionized my training and breathed new life into my bodybuilding career. After 20 years of competitive bodybuilding I’ve tried countless training methods with varying degrees of success, but nothing returned sustained improvements without injuries compared to John’s. At 38 I’m training harder, longer and with more enthusiasm than I did in my 20’s. Brutal, intense, masochistically-fun, results-oriented workouts define my personal experience working with John Meadows.”
IFBB Pro Mark Dugdale

“I started reading John’s material years ago and became an instant fan of his. With his knowledge and expertise in the field I was far beyond impressed and I know he is the guy to take me to the next level in my career and this is why I have hired him as my coach.

John Meadows is a walking/talking bodybuilding encyclopedia, and after 15 years of training and competing in the highest level possible(including the Olympia) I am still learning something new every time I talk to him. His training methods are revolutionary, insightful, and most importantly they are producing results.”
IFBB Pro Amit Sapir