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cookie-dough-stickerIf you read comic books at all, you know that Apocalypse has his Four Horsemen, Thanos has THE INFINITY GUANTLET, and about every other Super-Hero/Villain has their go to power. Well, while my powers are yet to be determined, in my bag of tricks are a mega-ton of one-arm Meadows Rows, Intra-workout Nutrition, and NOW, 5 flavors of the Best Bar Ever, which has its own cool origin story.

Like all good stories, this one began with a little day dreaming. I had been thinking about the type of food bar I’d like to eat. I wanted one that was actually made from real food. No misleading nutritional claims, no gimmicks, no “high-protein drizzle,” no “net” carbs, no “impossible” combinations of high protein, low carb, low fat…just honest nutrition that also tasted good! Frankly, I wanted a bar that didn’t exist.

Well almost a year ago, a client of mine contacted me to tell me about a really unique idea that he had for protein bars. He had just started a protein bar company call The Best Bar Ever (yes, really, that is the name) and he wanted to make protein bars FRESH each week from real food and premium proteins. He wanted to develop the types of bars that would be made by chefs in kitchens, not food scientists in labs.

Get this, he even wanted to make bars so fresh that they would need to be stored in the refrigerator, just like real food (they only have a 30 day shelf life)! It was like he could read my mind! So I put on my mad scientist hat and asked him to make a bar to my specifications…aka a CONCOCTION BAR!



Most bars are loaded with unnatural ingredients, artificial flavors/sweeteners, and preservatives. Half of the time you aren’t really sure of what you are even eating. This makes bars really cheap to produce, which is pretty handy for protein bar companies if all they care about is making money, but here is what it is not: The Best For You.

It’s not the best ingredients and we all know those bars taste like a mouthful of chalk. The other thing the drives me nuts is when you eat it and it’s so tough your jaws hurt. My head is already big enough, I don’t need to make my jaws bigger to make it look even bigger. I’m not about that.

You know what I’m about? A food bar that is made fresh weekly from real food, premium proteins, and other natural ingredients that I personally hand-picked and in combinations that I specified. One that even has to be stored in a refrigerator because I don’t want to cut any corners when it comes to the taste, texture, and types of ingredients I want to use.

With that said, here are the ingredient labels for our five flavors: Cookie Dough, Cinnamon Bun, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Chocolate Coconut, and Apple Pie. You’ll notice there are no artificial flavors or sweeteners and I’m using only ingredients that 1) taste great and 2) you can recognize.

They are sold in boxes of 6 and we even have an autoship option. Once you try them, let me know what you think!


Bars-Apple-Label Bars-CC-Label
Bars-Apple-Label Bars-CC-Label