Week 1 Legs from 12 Weeks of Pain & Suffering

by on June 15, 2022

Lying leg curls
Have someone gently push down on your lower back while you do these to keep your hips down – you won’t be able to go as heavy, but it will isolate them better.

2 warm up sets then 1 set of 12, go heavier, 1 set of 10, heavier, 1 set of 8, rest about 90 seconds between these sets. Then do a  drop set like this for your 4th set, go back to weight you did for 12, do it 10 x, drop a plate and do 10 more reps, drop a plate and do 10 reps, then do 25 partials out of the bottom. Just start the weight up and come back down…little reps…your hams will be on fire…the  weight will literally only be moving 2-3 inches, but they will on fire from the constant tension. They will be so pumped you won’t believe it. Tom Platz showed me these back in the 90’s…it works. On my website you can see video under the training/legs tab of how I execute these types of sets. This is also on my YouTube channel.

Total Work Sets: 4
Goal: Activate and pump hams

Barbell stiff legs
(bend your knees at bottom) – use 25 lb plates (on the barbell) to get better stretch – 2 warm ups to get stretched out then find a good weight that you can use for 3 sets of 10. On every rep come up and flex your glutes and hams.

Total Work Sets: 3
Goal: Work muscle from a stretched position

Leg press
You will love leg presses after all this ham work. Place feet just a little wider than shoulder width, and a little low on the platform. Start light with 1 plate on each side…when you are going down, you should still keep feeling it in hams and inner thighs. Keep going up for sets of 10 until you can’t get 10 anymore. Once you get to what you feel is your first working set (where you are getting 10, but starting to have to work hard), I want you to take 3 seconds going down during the eccentric phase, then drive the weight up HARD on EVERY REP throughout the remainder of your leg presses. I want you to do 3 hard sets of this. Go up in weight as much as you like, just be sure to get the full 3 second descent on each and every rep. Do not lock out – keep constant tension on your thighs for the best effect!

For example, just for illustrative purposes, someone might do 1,2,3 and 4 plates for 10. Then with 5 plates on each side, it starts getting hard, so they do 3-second descents on this set, and then the next one with 6 plates, and a final one with 7 plates for their 3 sets.

Once you feel like your quads are pumped, I want you to stretch them for 30 seconds each between each set. Stretch them hard.

Total Work Sets: 3
Goal: Train Explosively

Smith machine squat
you will be plenty warm – this won’t take much weight  – name of the game here is constant tension. So – 2 sets of 10 done like this…go down below parallel, and only come up half way, then back down deep then all the way up – that is one rep. So really they 1 1/2’s. They will be full of blood and on fire.

Total Work Sets: 2
Goal: Supramax pump

Leg extension
I want you to raise your butt of the seat when you are doing these. It will allow you to squeeze your tear drop harder….1 x 12, and hold each contraction for 3 seconds. Use a heavy weight. Squeeze the crap out of them.

Total Work Sets: 1
Goal: Supramax pump